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by grabbing that mic alloy flexed on BF,on his suit,on the memes and on the entire internet. everything that follows was him flexing on the flex
in fact alloy popping after all these years is you probably flexing on us

this is no longer a meme,this is offical internet history

did you just make sakura useful?

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seriously?! all i wanted was to have a realistic simulation of how the game runs at 5 FPS on my laptop and all i get is this?! this doesn't reflect my experience while playing the game at all and i am emotionally and physically insulted... give me my money back or im contacting a lawyer

this game just SCREAMS newgrounds

i think the drone invasions were a bad addition though,not only do they not posses any challange whatsoever,they also just ruin the pacing,and in my case drop down the framerate.

i think this game would benefit alot more from levels like boise and seattle,these levels were a great shift in the pace of the game,while still following the rules

best ending ever 10000/10

i never knew the dirty bubble had a sister,mermaid man and barnacle boy would never stand a chance against her

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when the final boss gives you a visit at the middle of stage 2

as much as it's fast paced and great to hear,i don't think hellfire mantle mixes so well with this,feels like it completely slows down the pace and doesn't sit well

Shiverwar responds:

That's fair. I put it in there because I was unsure how to continue it, and I felt it was for the best. Can't win 'em all. Thank you for your review, and I appreciate your criticism.

sensing alot of sonic riders zero gravity in this

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Yoo that gun looks sick!

DevilRat responds:

I find that more has to do with the character of brush pens being a pain to work with than the gun itself. <:X This is a mix of liquid graphite for shading,, ink for the pure black. I want to master using a pocket brush.


im pretty sure you only love him because there aren't any oranges around to help you

spacie-chan responds:



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