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seriously?! all i wanted was to have a realistic simulation of how the game runs at 5 FPS on my laptop and all i get is this?! this doesn't reflect my experience while playing the game at all and i am emotionally and physically insulted... give me my money back or im contacting a lawyer

this game just SCREAMS newgrounds

i think the drone invasions were a bad addition though,not only do they not posses any challange whatsoever,they also just ruin the pacing,and in my case drop down the framerate.

i think this game would benefit alot more from levels like boise and seattle,these levels were a great shift in the pace of the game,while still following the rules

best ending ever 10000/10

i never knew the dirty bubble had a sister,mermaid man and barnacle boy would never stand a chance against her

some spoilers for the demo's end:

the invincibility really caught me off guard,thought it would be the typical sonic one,but HOLY CRAP did it burst trough.
when i saw the boss,i immediately thought to myself "oh God is that a devil boss...." thankfully it was something original (and fun)
overall the game is allready really promising fast paced and fun,reminds me alot of freedom planet and spark the electric jester (and sonic of course),but somehow even faster

CryoGX responds:

Hahaa! Thank you so much for playing, and really glad you enjoyed it dude! I took a lot of inspirations from Sonic and Megaman, and absolutely loved Spark and Freedom Planet!

I wanted to make something that could give a similar feel, but with some hard hitting, ultra-fast combat, too! Something that'd challenge you, but also allow you to feel like those players performing TAS speedruns, out of the gate!

hearing those nostalgic hannukah songs on 8 bit is quite a refreshing experience for me..thank you for this

before i gave this a chance i thought to myself that this is nothing but another one of those cheesy dating sims,only noticeable by their sex scenes and nothing else...but boy OH BOY was i wrong,this here...THIS HERE,i can already see people recognizing this as a timeless masterpiece,one to be recognized for even beyond the times humanity would perish,this is the peak of human culture,the masterpiece many before have sought to achieve,a phenomenal experience of perfect literature,combined with an outworldly gameplay experience,the one combo that no game developer has ever managed to accomplish,not even the highly rated revolutionary online mobile experience known as RAID shadow legends which sits at the top of the mobile market industry,but NOT FOR LONG,since the masterpiece you've provided us,since there won't be no competition between them,only pity. but enough comparisons,let us talk about the game itself...im even surprised i never found a better word for this masterpiece yet,since no word in any human lexicon can describe this timeless work of art in any way shape or form.... but for the since im a reliable critical source im gonna just have to compromise with the standards of human language when i refer to this,so please forgive my mockery of the pinnacle of human litreature.... now WHAT makes this "game" such a marvel? hmmmmmm,i don't know? maybe it's the incredible character development that provides us with amazingly touching moments,the outstanding level design that none would expect from any dating sim? i don't know,perhaps it's the stunning graphics,the very graphics sony and microsoft keep throwing deathmatches with eachother to achieve,yet continue to fall flat? so many factors,so many characterisitics,so much could be said about this game,but allow me to keep it short and simple... let's start off with the characters, the main character,the protagonist. at first,i wanted to try and relate to him,i thought he's supposed to be my self insert,so i did what's natural in cases like this,and attempted to name him as rehavamzavulonihazkelibenshlomielthefirstandlegendaryzionistsavior.... but the moment i saw the game rejected that name and provided me with something of it's own,i realized it,i realized all of it,this is not ME trying to intervene in the matters of the game and the decisions of the main character,the game itself chooses me to become part of the game,enter it's own reality,and accept it as my new life....fear struck within me the moments i've first came to that realization,but as soon as i saw the main protagonist's design the fear was converted with hope and happiness. that design,it's so realistic,so fluid,so relatable! wow! what a marvel,i can already imagine the amounts of work and dedication it took the fabled artist of this glorious masterpiece to nail such a perfect design,i ponder to myself what tools did he use to achieve that level of accuracy,such an amazing work! but that's not all,the moment the first words were uttered,the moment it became apparent that this game features state of the art voice acting that puts the performance of marvels like megaman X7 to shame. i couldn't imagine what kind of qualified voice actor could achieve such perfection,it was so amazing that i took upon myself to wait trough the 2 hour long credits to figure out who could be responsible of that,but lo and beyond,i was beyond amazed,this preformance,it was done by NOT ONE,NOT TWO,NOT THREE,NOT FOUR,NOT FIVE,NOT SIX,BUT SEVEN....SEVEENN VOICE ACTORS,all within different levels of PURE UNADULTERED TALENT,just to encapsulate the pure emotion of our main hero as he goes trough the countless of struggles the game presents before him,which leads us to the amazing characterization....this character,his story,his hardships,his emotions,his wills,his inner thoughts,this is all hyper realistically relatable and compelling! all of his words,they feel like i would be saying the exact same thing in the exact same time,you've nailed his writing in such a phenomenal fashion,even his first words feel so true to the time he's in,such realism was never achieved anywhere else. even his actions,you've went trough the trouble of detaling ALL of his actions,EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM,and lo and beyond,those are the EXACT SAME THING every single human being would do in the given time,this comes to show your understanding of human psychology and behavior is off the charts! the psychology and philosophy this game provides could risk in many losing their jobs with how well written it is,it could serve as the cure to mental issues,it could be the cure to autism! heck,i believe that what we have here IS the cure to autism,but that's a story for another day,because now we have to describe the hero's backstory... truthfully,i don't believe there was much of a need to show a backstory,because considering the information you've provided us about the school,and the setting the hero is located in,it's visible that you trust the view to infer the many hardships and struggles the hero has had to combat during his short yet deep and hard life just to reach this promising reality,one the provides him with opportunities and hope,yet challenges his life with hardships he never faced before,makes him question his decisions,brings him to conclusions he could have never dreamed of,but most importantly,it provided him the chance to encounter the main selling point of this game,one that might unfortunately overshadow him with her glory and unparalleled dimension,HIS LOVE INTEREST. oh my LORD,this is the accumulation of all that makes a woman perfect,the design! the face! the decisions! her actions! her connection to the main protagonist! there's no way this could be an ACT,this woman is the pinnacle of thothood! none could reach such level of beauty and grace! prior to playing this masterpiece i've seen many criticize....i mean DARE to criticize it for having only a single love interest,compared to the many generic and uninteresting visual novels we've been presented along the years from the days of the PC98 that im sure you'd have to live in the stoneage to not own in your own house with your own money at the age of 10,but honestly,WHO NEEDS another love interest?! you have the whole package right here! such a marvelous treat, how can people compare captain and miss marvel to this level of characterization and development?! in fact,this leads us to the next amazing point about this game,the endless theories you could come up with considering how deep the lore is,in fact,SPOILER ALERT NSFW 18+ BORDERLINE TENTACLE HENTAI,i believe that the moment the game shows that the hero tore off her cloths with his sheer power,that was not the hero,it was the sheer power of the woman natural born beauty who tore'em off, but since at this point of the story she still haven't learned how to restrain her strength,she decided to use her psychic power to break the 4th wall,and avert the viewers vision to only THINK that what we've read was the hero's doing,only because she was graceful enough to give the poor soul the chance to start his undying healthy relationship with her,such grace! you would only DREAM that your waifu would be willing to pull this amazing power just for you... as for the voice acting though,i think she needs some more work,it felt like it was the weakest part of the game... but no worries,this game is so much of a masterpiece that i believe that even getting the RIGHT to voice the ultimate waifu of all the ages covers up for that. now lets talk about the story,the lore,the ENDING...OH MY LORD THE ENDING....such a tearjerking,heartbreaking,SOUL CRUSHING plot twist, i felt like my life should have ended there and then upon reaching this point,it felt so unrightoues,at first i thought of burning this game out of sheer hatred and witchhunt those who love it....but a second later i've realized....all my life choices,the decisions the hero made,the backstory of his love interest,the life that school fabricated...it was all fated to end like this... i thought of going back in time in order to fix all of my mistakes...i thought of entering the previous countless of savefiles i've made,,but regardless..it was futile,the choices i made were the choices i would make in real life,the failiures of the hero are my failiures,this is not the ending that the tragic couple deserves,it's the ending we,the players of this game deserve,this game opened my eyes,it got ME to question all of my life choices and figure that im on the path to destruction,and by artificially changing my decisions,i would only prove to myself that i've learned absolutely nothing from this wonderfull experience,putting your hard work to shame,this game got me to understand that unless im willing to somehow,SOMEHOW surpass our main protagonist,i would have no chance to survive,and it would only be a matter of time before I'd be devastaed in the same ways the protagonist has fell,and my enemies would stand above me laughing endlessly for all of eternity,but i would not be saddened for myself,but for my completely ideal unreplaceable unrivaled love interest,the poor soul who was born into greatness,glory,justice,beauty,grace,sexual tension,and eternal perfect F cups,who'd be tortured for having her entire potential wasted on the scummiest of lifeforms to exist,my LORD did you nail the villains so perfectly in this game,it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to hate someone you love so much,but let me tell you,you've went and done it! it came to fruition in everything this game presented,including the surprising inclusion of a TPS FPS multiplayer platformer that i never believed to even expect to see in a visual novel.... the boss fight against those villains was so hard and painful! i found myself spending almost 10 hours just figuring out how to go past their first phase! some could argue that the harsh scenery of borderline porn that phase presents could be the reason,and i'd agree,it was horrible to watch most of the time,but i think it had a reason to exist,since this was a major plot point,and also a great way to foreshadow the horrible twist awaiting for us the players,alongside our beloved protagonist which we've come to love,to hate,to relate,to deny,to question along this amazing almost never ending journey,so i believe the design and scenery of this fight was entirely necessary and reasonable,so have that,and let's not mention the other 10 phases this boss had,OOHHH BOYY i think i had to sit trough 30 hours of continuous gameplay in order to reach the ending,and when i did....i felt so crushed, so if you're one of my neighbors and you wonder where the angry gorilla noises and crushed electricity came from,it's from that and im sure we can agree that this rage,alongside my house fire were completely justified.... and i forgot to mention one more thing...THE GRAPHICS,i usually tend to ignore this part,but MAAMAA MIA the graphics in this game,such an amazing hyper realistic display,it's even more crushing to realize that this entire work was done by only one.SINGLE.ARTIST, you thought sonic.EXE had hyper realism done right?! tough luck buddy,beacuse THIS,THIS HERE IS ACTUALL REALITY,the graphics in this aliencraft are so stunning and outlandish,that it makes you question if the world you see itself is even anything CLOSE to reality,you might even question if you're actually real,and then figure out that you're not,you're just a fiction,and this game is the actuall real world, the artist not only managed to craft the artwork of eternity,he opened up the door to the real universe,he opened my eyes and made me realize that all i've ever done is nothing but a mere illusion,i'd say he deserves the greatest industrial burger humanity has to offer,but an hero like him deserves much,MUCH MORE,he deserves to be the governor of the sombrero galaxy for all eternity....
so yeah,i think that's all i have to say,you've created an amazing piece of work that no other could ever dream of comparing too,the characters are the epitome of true development,and i think that whoever skips this game/didn't burn his house along with his livelihood from the ending deserves to get executed by drinking 500 gallons of soy protein. i'd litterally ran out of words to say.

cCuntu responds:

wow.... I feel inspired now... wow...

a timeless celebration of hyped violence and great gunplay built with nice level design and great mechanics
the only gripes i've got about this nostalgia trip are the fact that the game is somehow demanding enough performance wise that even with a competent computer im forced to play in Australian censorship mode,the artifact 19 is underwhelming with it's slow recharge and the rebound shotgun is the worst pile of atrocity to ever be seen in a flash game

for maximum gameplay experience,i suggest everyone who plays this to have "sonic generations-city escape act 2" play on loop for 30 minutes on a different tab

"this is not a drill we're acctually robbing you"
this line still remains one of my favorite lines in video game history

i think you should replace the lights the catch you with a black truck with buzzblades
jokes aside though,i think that instead of putting togheter chains of cops with gaps that make it impossible to combo,give an option to chain trough them with quick presses, the hooks around the levels should have interactions too in my opinion and citizen should have springboarding large enough to get you back on track with every speed,there's no reason why you should be punished for connecting a succesfull springboard by landing in an area even more crowded that's sure to break your run


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